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Need to rescue your relationship from the brink of disaster?

New System Clears Away Your Relationship Trauma, So There’s Room For Your Future “Us” To Actually Exist

Respark the electric love he couldn’t get enough of

  • Discover how to trigger his love-addiction hormone
  • Find out why “Terminal Language” is killing your love
  • What is he hiding from you, and why can’t he be open?
  • ​Why does your subconscious rule your relationships?

Why Does Your Subconscious Sabotage Your Relationships?

What does your 7 year old self know about romance, companionship, showing up for your lover, and communicating with compassion… even when you want to kill him? Because it turns out… that’s when our subconscious becomes fully developed.

AKA - we’re adults with massive childhood conditioning dictating our every single move. And usually we aren’t even aware of it.

Don’t believe me?

The subconscious directs 95% of your conscious-attention. You know what that means? It means the little girl in us is who’s steering the emotional ship. Not the adult woman you see looking back at you in the mirror.

Your inner little girl is still holding onto old beliefs she learned from her parents, TV, pop culture, teachers, and peers. Your inner little girl accepted everything she saw, heard and felt as truth… gospel.

But imagine… what will happen in your life when you cleanse away the hurt stored in your subconscious… for ALL of your life?

“What Does This Have To Do With How He Doesn’t Show Up For Me? Why Is This MY Problem?”

The #1 question I get is: “Why should I focus on what's going on inside of me? He’s the problem!” Well, let me start off by saying, he doesn’t want to lose you. He’s with you for a reason - even if he doesn’t know how to fix your relationship any more than you do.

And… if you’re reading this right now, it’s a safe bet you feel taken for granted, unseen, and haven’t felt validated in how long? Am I right? You might even feel unloved, which is a hard place to be.

That’s a lot of pain to hold onto. But here’s the thing: Pain, trauma, regrets, and defensive-boundaries aren’t your fault. I know that sounds cliche. I saw Good Will Hunting too.

That said…

This isn’t meant to sound like blame, but it’s hard for anyone to show up for you, if they don’t feel like there’s space for them to do so. Pain, anger, and resentment push him away, even if that’s the LAST thing you want. So, what’s the solution? It’s simple, but not necessarily easy (without the right tools.)

What Is The Relationship Addiction Chemical?

First of all, everything is an addiction. Social media, coffee, sex, food, TV, sports, traveling; we do it all for one chemical… Dopamine. Nope, addiction isn’t just about drugs and alcohol.

The reality of Dopamine?

No human being would ever want or do anything… without Dopamine. Facebook likes, shopping, and yes, even his desire to chase you and make you his is driven by dopamine.

In Be His Addiction, I’m going to show you how to trigger Dopamine in your man, in little and big ways, so you’re ALWAYS his #1 addiction.

How Does Playing A High-Powered 7.0 Hertz Frequency (Using Your Headphones) Save Your Relationship From A Painful Ending?

The fastest way to trigger his desire and loyalty… can be done with just a pair of headphones.

And it’s not hypnosis or anything “woo”. The technology is called Binaural Beats. But these tracks aren’t the same as what you can download on YouTube for free.

Binaural Beats play a slightly different tone in each ear - forcing a thick band of fibers in your brain to create the equilibrium. That’s just a fancy way of saying your whole brain is synced and activated. The 7.0 Hertz tone is the frequency of your subconscious.

When your subconscious “hears” this tone, it loosens and is able to release trauma (like a massage releases tense and tight muscles).

Be His Addiction includes 5 core Relationship Respark Tracks that clear away your OLD stories, trauma, hurt, resentment and anger, while updating your programming with new stories. Guided meditations layered with binaural beats and isometric pulsing take this brain entrainment technology to the next level.

Plus, I’m giving you 3 more tracks for him. Just say, “Do it for me, it really means a lot.

Why does everything else fail to respark relationships?

With your subconscious driving 95% of your attention… it’s no wonder the conscious ways we try to fix our relationships don’t work.

Before I stumbled on this technology, I tried everything to stop the cycles of fighting and disconnection.

Journaling… talk therapy… relationship books… and of course, asking my partners to have serious discussions to “figure things out” all the time.

None of it worked.

I listened to all the advice I could, from every source I could get my hands on, and it all failed me. I still ended up brokenhearted every time. Because I wasn’t doing the work on what was really driving these toxic cycles: my subconscious.

So how do you “do the work” on your subconscious?

What’s in the box

Be His Addiction

Module 1

Discover how to trigger his dopamine whenever you want

Module 2

Learn to love yourself so much he can’t help but fall in love with you all over again

Module 3

Know what’s on his mind without even asking (the secret to real communication)

Module 4

Fill your new subconscious space with the relationship you crave - here’s how

Module 5

Set boundaries without pushing him away

Module 6

Tame your out-of-control fights into intimacy-deepening conversations

The Tracks

Track 1 - My Happiness Comes First

Reconnect with your own love so you can build the relationship you want

Track 2 - Getting What I Want

Clear away any subconscious resistance to getting everything you desire (not just in your relationship!)

Track 3 - Rediscovering Me

Lose yourself in relationships? Not when you’re deeply connected to your personal vibration

Track 4 - My New Relationship

Tell new relationship stories; ones that support you getting back the energy you give him (and so much more!)

Track 5 - In the Mood

Trigger your body’s happy hormone

BONUS - His Tracks

Track 1 - Being an Energetic Alpha

Help him tap into being the calm, confident leader you need

Track 2 - It’s Okay to Be Who I Am

Help him open up and be his most vulnerable and authentic self around you

Track 3 - I Want to Give

Trigger his NEED to shower you with the love and affection you deserve


Jamie said, “I can’t live like this, I’m close to leaving. I don’t like who I become when we fight. I never want to be that person again. I can’t focus at work, I’m stress-eating, gaining weight and the only time we kiss is politely hello and goodbye.”

I quickly realized Jamie’s relationship was going through what I call Domestication Syndrome.

It’s when the wild, animalistic, raw desire we once had…

Becomes a relationship going through domestic autopilot.

I told Jamie, “No more kissing hello and goodbye. It’s an old 1950s thing that just never went away. Take those kisses off the table. Create a space that will allow him to kiss you when it feels genuine for him. This triggers his Dopamine and resparks his desire to chase you.”

As I walked Jamie through my system…

She started understanding all the “messages” her 2nd brain was picking up.

Within just weeks of using my system…

Jon is talking Jamie on dates, romancing her, initiating sex everyday…

And telling Jamie how beautiful she is again.

Jamie left me a voicemail saying, “I really thought we were over. I had very little hope. But in such a short amount of time, we didn’t just rediscover our love for each other, we’re shedding old versions of ourselves and finally having the relationship I always wanted! I feel like a teenager again! Thank you so much Ella!”

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