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What If You Could Use The Same Headphone Technology To Level Up Your Money, Career, and Life-Freedom?

Wouldn’t You Want The Chance To Effortlessly Manifest The Lifestyle of Your Fantasies (And An Even Happier Relationship)?

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Ella Edwards here…

And I’d like to personally congratulate you on making one of the MOST IMPORTANT decisions of your relationship journey…

And even though you don’t realize it yet… By deciding to move forward with Be His Addiction, you’ve just set off a series of events in motion…

That you will soon see…will change everything for you. Your subconscious doesn’t just store all of your old relationship programming…

It’s also where all of your beliefs around money, self-worth and freedom exist.

For instance, if it’s impossible for you to believe you could easily make an extra $10,000 this month, it’s not because you can’t…

You just… won’t. Your limiting beliefs around money creates massive resistance to ever letting in the abundance and riches you truly want, need… and yes… deserve.

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But what does your resistance to abundance have to do with your relationship?

One of the worst relationship killers is losing yourself… your individuality… to the relationship you’re in.

When you forget who you are… When you start to define yourself by your relationship, instead of by your own standards…

You lose everything that made you so attractive to him in the first place.

It may sound harsh, but consider: you would do the same.

If you started dating someone who was dynamic, engaging, and intriguing…

Then slowly they became all about you and stopped being the person you met…

You’d lose interest faster than you can say “this is so BORING”. So if you want to save your relationship…

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You HAVE to reclaim your individuality.Your uniqueness. Your spark. You have to be so dedicated to creating the life of your dreams that he can’t help but want to be a part of it.

And if you have subconscious resistance to attracting everything you want in life… If you’re subconsciously pushing away the abundance, self love, and power you deserve… You’ll never live the life you truly want (or have the relationship you deeply desire).

Here’s the thing:

No amount of effort will EVER replace your subconscious resistance to fortune and freedom.


Effort absolutely does NOT equal results… in relationships or making money.

That’s a scarcity-driven, OLD belief. Work hard… or you could lose everything! is a disease of the subconscious.

It’s a disease that can force you to give away years of your life, because your resistance will always be stronger than your desire.

In other words…

Dreams and desire aren’t strong enough to overcome the limiting beliefs pushing everything you want away.

But here’s where the magic is:

When you clear away your limiting beliefs around money, success and freedom…

You can make way more money…

In a fraction of the time…

With just a smidge of the effort you used to exert.

The truth is…

Abundance is easy.

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It’s your natural state.

As people having this human experience…

We’re taught you have to go to school… train your brain… and give away half of your life working for a living.

I call bullshit.

The beauty is…

When you clear away the beliefs, judgements and stories that affirm within you…

Magic happens.

Opportunities seem to appear out of nowhere…

Tapping into new streams of income becomes second nature…

And yes…

By clearing away the resistance that made you work your butt off…

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For peanuts…

You’ll be able to achieve a new level of intimacy with your man… your lover.

That’s one of the happiest consequences of being connected with your natural state of abundance…

Rather than allowing your subconscious to reject the riches and freedom that’s already yours!

That’s why I created the Independence Blueprint.

It’s three Hertz Frequency tracks that tap right into your mind’s scarcity programming.

Each track is “stacked” with different Hertz Frequencies that uniquely access different parts of your subconscious computer… and ERASE the programs pushing your abundance away.

In the place of your limiting beliefs, judgements and stories are new UNLIMITED beliefs about how easy it is to manifest 200x more than you’ll ever need.

Track 1 is called My Natural Abundance.

In this track, we’re infusing the TRUTH about how abundance you already are… and have always been.

It’s developing a new relationship with your ability to receive, without killing yourself to get everything you want.

Track 2 is called Tapping Into The Essence of Abundance.

Yes… abundance is an energy… a vibration… a frequency.

You’re going to nurture an intimate connection with the essence of abundance.

It’s going to be an energy… a feeling you can tap into literally anytime you choose.

By cultivating and nurturing this connection with abundance…

You can ALLOW the riches, opportunities and freedom into your life…


Track 3 is called Happy Amnesia.

This track is all about clearing away the old stories you tell about scarcity, not being enough, or convincing yourself that only hard work will give you what you need.

We’re going to give your subconscious a deep, thorough cleaning… so you have more space to constantly develop new, supporting beliefs and stories about your “money truth.”

Listening to these tracks on a daily basis empowers you to become a master receiver of all things abundance… faster than you could possibly imagine… right now.

A new house? Yup.

A new car? Yup?

A new business? Yup.

A life of traveling, eating amazing food, and having sex in the most beautiful places the earth has to offer? Yup.

The bottom line is this:

Your relationship needs you to show up as the most “you” you can be.

But more than that… you DESERVE to live an incredible life. For YOU.

And these tracks are here to help you make that happen. So, add the Independence Blueprint to your order now.

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